The district of Altenberg offers you the Altenberger Dom, one fo the most famous german cathedrals. With his impressive 144 sqm large west window it is a masterpiece of gothic architecture.

    You can regularly enjoy high – class organ concerts in this fascinating building.

    The german fairy tale forest is a pleasure ti visit an expertice für children an adults.

    Hiking friends find a variety of marked walking tracks in a forest – and water-rich landscape. Furthermore a forest trail and various cultural monuments to be discovered.

    Walks through the monastery landscap of Altenberg or a visit of the wildlife park in which mouflos, wild boar and deer live, provider new impressions.

    From June to September there is a cultural nighlight ot the regions: the “Altenberger Kultursommer”

    To fully enjoy your time leisure.




    Gemeinde Odenthal
    i-Punkt Altenberg
    Eugen-Heinen-Platz 2
    51519 Odenthal
    Tel.: 02174 419 950
    Fax: 02174 419 936



    Das 144 Quadratmeter große Westfenster im Altenberger Dom ist das größte seiner Art nördlich der Alpen